Uma Maheshvar Puja

Goddess Uma or Parvati and Lord Maheshwar or Shiva are given a prime place in Hinduism as the Mother and Father of the Universe. Together this divine couple is engaged in the creation, protection and destruction of the universe. As the most merciful parent of this universe, they are easily pleased and very compassionate to bless the devotees with all the boons they want. Uma Maheshwar puja has been around us since very long time in history. A lot of historical and religious personalities have performed this puja and have secured great results. Especially this puja is highly efficacious in bringing harmony in the home and enhancing the marital bond.

Why Perform Uma Maheshwar Puja
A happy and fulfilling married life without any troubles in the relationship of the married partners is very essential. Every couple on the earth looks forward to a good understanding, fortune, good health and wealth to ensure a high-quality domestic life. In some marriages, we find a lot of problems and issues between the partners threatening to break the marriage and causing a lot of instability and unhappiness in the day to day life. Uma Maheshwar Puja is performed by the newly wedded couple for a happy and frictionless life and by those couples who are facing some problems in their relationships. Since Lord Shiva and Parvati make up the most powerful divine couple, it is believed that worshipping them together through this puja can bring harmony and prosperity to every household.

Uma Maheshwar Puja Benefits
Uma Maheshwar puja bestows ultimate benefits on the couple performing it. Every household must arrange to perform this puja either at home or through accomplished pundits on their behalf in order to see that they live a happy and successful life. Here are some ultimate benefits of Uma Maheshwar puja.

• Relieves the tension and stress existing among the couple in daily life
• Creates harmony in homes and ensures a lasting relationship by avoiding conflicts and promoting understanding
• Blesses the couple with progeny in case they are longing for a child
• Clears all the hurdles in ensuring a smooth relationship
• Paves a royal road for newly wedded couple to find the maximum fulfilment in their wedded lives

Popular Uma Maheshwar Puja Mantras
Every household can perform Uma Maheshwar puja or order to perform the puja on their behalf online through accomplished pundits. Also, chant the most powerful Uma Maheshwar mantras to fasten the results of the puja.

Parvati Parameshwar Mantra
“Vagartaa Vipasampruktau Vagartha Pratipattaye
Jagatah Pitarau Vande Parvati Parameshwaram”

Meaning: As the word and its meaning cannot be separated from each other, united for eternity are the divine couple of Parvati and Parameshwar. I bow down to the parents of the universe seeking their blessings.

Lord Shiva Mantra
“Vande Devam Uma Patim Sururagurum Vande Jagat Kaaranam
Vande Pannaga Bhushanam Mrugadharam Vande Pashunaam Patim
Vande Surya Sashaanka Vahni Nayanam Vande Mukunda Priyam
Vande Bhakta Janashrayam Cha Varade Vande Shivam Shankaram”

Meaning:I praise Shiva who is the Lord of Goddess Parvati, the teacher of the gods and the source of the entire universe. I praise the one with snake garlands, carrying a deer and the protector of pashu (created beings). I praise the one with three eyes signifying sun, moon and fire and the one who is loved by Lord Vishnu (Mukund). I praise Lord Shiva also called as Shankar who is the refuge of all devotees and gives bounteous boons.

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