Numerology Report
Numbers play an important role in deciphering what lies in one’s future. Dr Sohini Sastri will analysis your name, birth and destiny numbers to help you unravel your future. She will also offer remedies to problems in your horoscope.

Numero fruitful Home and office Address Report
People today spend a lot of time at their workplaces or personal offices. Similarly, home is a sacred place too. It is here one spends quality time with their family and friends, and rests peacefully. Because both these places are sacrosanct, it is important that their address be fruitful or lucky too. Ace numerologist, Malinie Arora, can help you turn your home address as well as office address lucky and fruitful by analysing your charts through numerology.

A Rajayoga present in the chart is fully capable of transforming the person from the rages to riches. It could either work in one’s favour or it can ruin their lives altogether. To understand the exact effect of the raja yogas, you can consult renowned astrologer पंडित रवींद्र ओझा जी. He will analyse your horoscope in detail and give you important insights as well as remedies.