Making or inheriting a property is the ultimate wish of many. It is seen that in many cases, the property ownership does not materialize in spite of all efforts. Also if the property is made, it gets disposed off or falls into litigation. It is also possible that one may have invested a large sum of money in a housing project but the same never gets completed or gets delayed forever.

Combinations of unfavorable planets in the natal horoscope or in transit/dasha are the cause of the same. Ace astrologer पंडित रवींद्र ओझा जी will analyze your Horoscope in detail and find the cause of the same with suggested remedies which result in elimination of all hurdles in delay in property acquisition or problems related thereof.

The report will answer the following questions:

1. When will I make my property?
2. Will be receive ancestral property?
3. How will my property be-Large or Small?
4. Will I make property abroad?
5. Will I make property out of City?
6. Will I get Loan to receive property?
7. Will I get share in my Joint property.
8. When will my property litigation be over?
9. Will I make money from property selling?

A detailed personalized analysis will be made and remedies suggested resolving the issues.