Enhance your Fortunes with Jupiter Puja (19000 chants) on Guru Purnima

According to Vedic Astrology, Guru or Jupiter is considered as the teacher of humankind. He is the one who governs the religion and spiritual process of a person. Jupiter is another term for excellence. It is believed that Jupiter is the planet of success.

Also, Jupiter is the only planet, which can nullify the troubles caused by other planets. It is said that if Jupiter is on your side, you can overcome any malefic planet. Now, to appease Your Jupiter, you can perform Guru Puja with 19000 Mantra Chants.

At AdityaAstro, we bring you an opportunity to enhance your luck by appeasing Jupiter on the auspicious eve of Guru Purnima. We will perform a Guru puja on your behalf.

Mantra for Jupiter Puja
Om Jhram Jhreem Jroum Sah Gurave Namah |

Jupiter is not only your teacher, but it also gives you the vision of truth, optimism, indulgence, and wisdom. Other benefits of performing Planet Jupiter Puja on Guru Purnima are:

• This puja enhances your fortunes & luck
• This puja ensure success in all your endeavours
• This puja helps you in evolving as a pragmatic and concrete individual
• This puja increases your imaginative potential
• This puja helps you follow the right path of living
• This puja lets you get loaded with amazing knowledge

This puja will be performed by learned pandits in accordance to all the Vedic rituals and rights. Please note that this puja will be performed only on your behalf. Once you order the puja, we will send you an email containing all the dos and don’ts along with an online link through which you can virtually witness this puja.

Participate in Aann Daan & Vastra Daan on Guru Purnima
Guru Purnima is a traditional day, which is reserved for Guru Puja. This is the day when devotees offer puja and pay respect to their Gurus. Here, by Guru we mean the spiritual guides who enlighten our soul with their tremendous knowledge and preachings.

According to Hindu calendar, Guru Purnima is observed on the Full Moon day during Ashadha month. In Georgian calendar, this day falls on 9th July 2017.

At AdityAstro, we are bringing an opportunity to participate in Aann Daan and Vastra Daan on the auspicious eve of Guru Purnima, which is being observed on 9th July 2017. On this day, we are arranging an Aann Daan and vastra Daan drive on your behalf.

Donating food and clothes has a great significance in Hindu culture, and doing it on the day of Guru Purnima, adds to the boons one can reap.

Benefits of participating in Aann Daan and Vastra Daan on the eve of Guru Purnima are:

• It increases your wealth and finance prospects
• It ensures harmony in personal relationships
• Donating food and clothes brings success in your life
• It helps in eradicating troubles from your life
• It restores good health
• This helps in eradicating poverty

By donating food and clothes on the auspicious eve of Guru Purnima via AadityaAstro, you can seek amazing boons.

Visesha Puja as per your Nakshtra at Tirupati Balaji
Tirupati Balaji dwells in the seven hills, which are also known as Tirumala. Tirupati Balaji is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara, who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The name is split into multiple parts: Vem (destroy), Kata (sins) and Ishwara (supreme lord), making it the lord who destroy all your sins.

As per Hindu Mythology, Tirupati Balaji is very kind and gives with both hands. He is believed to be a symbol of kindness and sacrificing nature. Devotees who perform puja at Tirupati Balaji can get rid of all the struggles, misfortunes and personal grief. At AdityaAstro, we offer a great opportunity to perform Visesha puja as per your Nakshatra on your behalf.

It is believed that by worshipping Balaji, a devotee can become confident and gets enough courage to find against all the odds in his life. Important benefits of Visesha puja at Tirupati Balaji are:
• This puja has the power to control all your senses and help in seeking salvation
• This puja gives peace to your mind and soul
• This puja purifies your heart
• This puja brings prosperity in the life of the devotee
• This puja helps in acquiring all the worldly things

At AdityaAstro, we ensure that this puja is done by learned pandits, by adhering to all the Vedic rules and rituals. On the completion of the puja, Prasad will be couriered to you on the address provided. The Prasad will include:
• Bhog from the temple
• Ladoo
• Image of Lord Shri Venkateswara