Horary (Prashna Kundli)

Facing a Problem? Don’t know what to do? Ask a question and get astrological guidance on whatever problem you are facing. Your problems may be severe but may well be settled by simple astrological guidance and remedies.

Horary is a branch of ASTRLOGY. It is mysterious, perfect, wonderful and most useful. After thoroughly understanding the principles, one can offer correct prediction.
In Horary astrology an astrologer attempts to answer a question by constructing a horoscope for the exact time and place at which the question is asked.

It differs from the well known natal astrology, which gives insight on the entire life of a person. From a horary astrology chart, one can find the answer only to that specific question that generated it.

You should feel free to ask any question that worries or concerns you most of the time. The problem area may differ from person to person. The question can be of any sort but one thing that has to be kept in one’s mind is that the question should be clear and the question should be a genuine one. This system gives correct results when the questioner is serious to know the answer.

For example, you might be going through a difficult time in a romantic relationship. You might consider it a good idea to find out if you are going to stay together and there are many reasons for this type of question. Perhaps you have applied for a job and you want to know what your chances of getting it are. Is a proposed business venture sound? Will I get the money owed to me? Will I win the case? Is this house purchased is lucky for me? All are valid queries for the horary chart and, of course, they may be many more. You will have to send me an email and fix an appointment. At time of consulting with me, I will ask you the details of your question; this might need a little clarification to ensure that I fully understand your requirements. Once I have this information I will then calculate the chart and find


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